Environmentally Healthy Resolutions

Dedicated New Year
Whether you believe climate change is caused by human beings or that it is the natural state of the planet to always be changing, realizing that this planet is what sustains our very lives, it makes good sense to care about how we each impact our collective home.

Some resolutions –

[1] Discernment. It is easy to make a feel good, sound good claims but the reality may be quite different. That is one of the reasons for this blog. You won’t find me pleading with you to save our planet. The planet is just fine, always has been and will be unless and until it explodes or breaks apart. So “saving the planet” is never the issue. It is the sustainability of the human species that is at issue. So, it is good to consider one’s impact upon the local environment.

Alternative energy
[2] Support Energy Alternatives. They may not be the best choice in all cases but this is one place where each and every individual can have an impact. Solar and Wind energy are worthwhile contributors to the power grid in that they contribute little to pollution and are not depletable.

It is bitterly cold or soon to be here in Missouri where I am writing this. This is what we term a “hard” winter. How we heat makes a difference and the choices are not easy. We have been looking at ground-source heat pumps and although most that have these seem satisfied with them, the decision is not a simple one, including the initial cost; but if you are faced with replacing a system and have the space on your property to support it, it is worth looking into.

Many people burn wood here. One can smell the smoke on cold days. Since one can smell it, it would seem to be a source of pollution. However, it is a renewable fuel source (especially if one has plenty of downed timber to get firewood from, as we do). Our constant heat source is electric. We once had natural gas but it causes concerns about interior air quality impacts sufficient to possibly harm human health. Our electricity comes from coal-fired plants and they resist mightily the government’s push for adequate equipment to make cleaner electricity. So, if burning some wood, decreases our dependence on coal-generated electricity, that would seem to be a good thing.

And alternative energy can be applied in some places by some people to their choice for transportation – whether adding an alternative fuel to their personal automobile, using mass transit or riding a bike or even walking, when possible. In our case, we meet some of our own personal obligation by working from home and reducing our need to commute.

2014 Green Resolutions
[3] Buying Local. This reduces the carbon footprint. It also supports local availability, including of food sources. It helps to support local employment.

[4] Reduce consumption. Eat as much of the food you buy as possible, reducing waste, and compost what inevitably is not safe to eat. Consider charities before throwing away useable items – thrift shops, domestic abuse shelters, Goodwill. We even often find local acquaintances able to use some of the things that we can no longer justify taking up space in our own environment.

[5] Buy recycled. Buy recycled content paper towels, toilet paper and if you have a printer or copier, buy recycled paper for that as well. Buy the highest post-consumer content that you can find. Consider recycled for other purchases as well. In a commercial environment support the use of recycled content in countertops, restroom partitions and flooring and back to # 1 – discernment – check out claims for validity and look for techniques meant to distract you or satisfy a minimal inquiry.
Recycled Paper

[6] Recycle EVERYTHING you can. We have containers for plastics, paper, glass, metal, chipboard and cardboard. We have only one “landfill” trash container. Everything organic that will break down goes into the compost pile.

[7] Grow some of the food that you eat. It’s good practice and yields high satisfaction. You can grow something, even in a balcony container. Yes, some plants will fail. It is a learning experience but always a good survival hedge to learn how. We grow mostly cherry tomatoes but had some success with bell pepper, cucumbers, pumpkins, squash, watermelon. Warning – the last three really do need a lot of space !!!

[8] Take your own reusable bags to the grocery store. This is really very easy to do, once you get in the habit of it. If you get plastic bags, save them up and find a place where you can recycle them. WalMart and upscale grocers often have collection points.

The main thing to resolve, if you want to live an environmentally healthier lifestyle is to begin to educate yourself about alternatives. You can work with your own personality, preferences and situation but everyone can find at least one thing that they can change about how they habitually do things that will actually make an impact.

Think Green New Year Hat
It has been theorized that “a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in another location. Note that the butterfly does not power or directly create the tornado. The flap of the wings is a part of the initial conditions; one set of conditions leads to a tornado while the other set of conditions doesn’t.” Whatever you choose to do has an effect. Chose as wisely as you know how and learn to make even better choices. It is a lifelong pursuit.

Happy New Year !! Let’s make it a good one.


Blog author ~ Deborah Hart Yemm is co-founder of
Yemm & Hart, a green materials producer



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