This is an “issues oriented” blog about all aspects of sustainable, eco-friendly, recycled or collectively, commonly referred to as “green” materials. The blog author, Deborah Hart Yemm, is a co-founder of Yemm & Hart, a green materials producer. Yemm & Hart has been in the business of producing ONLY materials made with recycled content since 1989. Yemm & Hart manages the processes required to produce various construction materials from recycled content. Due to their long involvement in the mission to recycle materials into useful building products, they have a depth and breadth of perception about the larger issues – both as lifelong environmentalists and as real-world business professionals. Yemm & Hart recommends the expert advice of professionals in the architectural and interior design fields, when requesting the usage of the materials we produce, for any project. Our website is located at http://www.yemmhart.com.

Deborah, and her partner/husband Stephen Yemm, are fortunate in not needing to commute to do their life’s work. Their experience in dealing with the post-consumer waste stream informs their daily experiences as avid recyclers regarding the importance of clean and carefully sorted materials – from the home, to the recycler, to the processor, into industry and finally arriving in the built environment. When not attending to the demands of the business world, the Yemms manage a sustainable forest that includes 20,000 seedling trees planted by them to protect stream-side riparian buffers and prevent soil erosion. The Yemms are a first-year Missouri Stream Team (monitoring the health of the 3 streams running through their woodland farm, known as Yemm Forest Preserve). They also participate in the Missouri Dept of Conservation’s involvement in the North American Amphibian Monitoring Program. They are raising their two sons, Simeon and Treston, with an appreciation for nature and a concern for the quality of the planetary environment.

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